Recipe project

My food stylist friend, Lauren, and myself have decided to create our own recipe book.  We've gathered recipes from different cookbooks, websites, and from our own families. We've set up the book in four sections, one for each season.  The recipes are organized into the seasons based on when the ingredients are the freshest, and when that particular food would normally be enjoyed. We're also working with a prop stylist and a designer, to make the book as great as it can possibly be. The goal is to have the photography finished by the end of October, and have the entire thing designed and put together by mid November. 

The above photos are the first images to come out of this project.  All of the images are for the "winter" section of the recipe book.  The top image is a gingerbread cookie recipe. We just shot that this past week, and the shot hasn't gone through post yet.  The middle image is a scallop chowder (which is delicious), and the bottom image was meant to go along with recipes for mint hot chocolate and mexican hot chocolate.  However, I think we're going to try a reshoot for the hot chocolate image.  There are qualities to this image that I enjoy, but it doesn't exhibit the food styling and photography that we are looking to showcase in our recipe book. 

Let us know any thoughts or ideas you may have about this project! Thanks!


  1. Hey Corey! I love your new blog! Very interested in this yummy cookbook!

  2. The gingerbread image made me smile, I like the sense of humor in it. And the chowder looks amazing. I agree with the hot chocolate, all the elements are there but the other two are more appealing to me.

    Beautiful work Corey!