And then there were 3.

Yesterday was another recipe book shoot day.  Lauren and I have been very excited about this project, and decided that, to make our own lives a bit easier, we should include a prop stylist in our creative mix.  That way, we can concentrate on our own jobs as food stylist and photographer and not have to worry about the propping.  We met with a few different people to fill this position, and found someone that we believe fits in great on our set, which can, more often than not, get a bit quirky and unconventional. The lucky guy, Derek Ellis, experienced his first day working with us yesterday, and I think the results are great! We chose to reattempt the hot chocolate shot (the former can be seen in my last post), because we just weren't happy with the way it turned out the first time.  Derek brought some great props, Lauren handled the styling of the chocolate and the whipped cream like a real pro, and because it was the day after the big snowstorm, the natural light looked beautiful in the studio. 

We ended up trying two different variations on the shot, and then played around with some close ups at the end.  The first variation is more of a "mexican" theme, mainly because the recipe is for mexican hot chocolate (and it's delicious, by the way).  The colors look great, and the chilies and vanilla bean add to the feel of the photo. The second variation has more of a rustic look.  Derek found the little cups that are featured in the shot at a thrift store and was thrilled to get a chance to use them. 

Enjoy the photos and please let us know what you think!

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