holes in my jeans, braids in my hair, and a camera in my hands.

Yesterday was shoot #4 of the Recipe book that Lauren, Derek and I are working on.  We're still shooting for the "winter" section of the book, and yesterday's theme was Valentine's Day.  We wanted to do a plated meal that was a bit more sophisticated and celebratory, without the scene looking cheesy.  I think that we accomplished exactly what we set out to do.  We chose a dish of lamb chops with a cranberry sauce, potatoes, and some greens. Derek managed to bring us props that subtly said Valentine's day, without fiery hearts and naked cupids (much to Lauren's disappointment). The color of the plates perfectly highlighted the beautiful colors in the food, and the lamb looked stunning (it tasted pretty stunning, too).  Luckily, for me, the weather outside was gross and cloudy, and made for a soft and beautiful light in the studio. 
One more shoot and we're completely finished with the first section of the book, and weeks ahead of time! The project is coming along wonderfully, and we're all having a really great time with it.  Although, we all agree that we could really use assistants while we're shooting, any volunteers?
Thoughts and comments on the photos are encouraged!