Boooon Appetit!

This past week I made a trip to Pennsylvania with Lauren.  She was set to do some food styling, and I tagged along to lend a helping hand.  While there, we decided to make a side trip to visit my folks, and cook them a fabulous dinner in the process.  In our usual fashion,  we chose a meal that neither of us had prepared before and that was known for being difficult. Boeuf Bourguignon! But not just any Beouf Bourguignon, Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon. 
While we did the shopping together and both consulted the recipe, I have to admit that Lauren did the majority of the cooking.  I happily took control of the dessert (a delicious carrot cake) and let Lauren take the wheel with the dinner.  Though I did help peel some potatoes and managed to do so without cutting myself :) Needless to say, the entire meal was amazing, and everyone enjoyed it.  We also watched "Julie and Julia" while cooking and we were both left with a new respect for Julia Child and her recipes. 

Here are a couple of photos we shot during the cooking process. Sadly, all of the beautiful daylight was gone by the time the meal was finished. 

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